Social Security Disability

Beginning Your SSDI Claim.

Beginning a Social Security Disability claim can be stressful, this is why we are here to assist you. We will complete your application and connect you with Social Security to ensure your claim is reviewed adequately and efficiently. We work with clients throughout the entire claim so you do not feel alone. If you think you may qualify for Social Security benefits, please contact our office.

Have you Been Denied?

About 65% of cases are denied at the initial level. If you receive a denial, do not panic. You are allowed 60 days from the date of your denial to appeal your decision. Please contact our office if you have been denied and would like to pursue an appeal.

Hearing Scheduled?

Have you received a hearing notice before an Administrative Law Judge? You don’t have to go alone. If you go to a hearing alone and you lose your case, you may have to start your disability claim all over again. Please reach out to our office to seek effective counsel for your Social Security Disability hearing.