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Our Disability Attorneys Can Provide Guidance About Receiving SSDI & Veterans Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability (SSDI) Benefits are meant to help disabled workers meet their needs after becoming unable to work. Some people may be afraid to file for SSDI because they already receive another form of disability benefits, and they do not wish to jeopardize this support. Many veterans may worry about losing their benefits if they file for SSDI. Our Georgia Disability Attorneys can offer sound guidance about receiving SSDI and veterans disability benefits.

SSDI and Public Disability Benefits

Public disability benefits may be paid to certain recipients through federal, state or local government organizations if they have disabling medical conditions that are not job-related. These are separate from Social Security Disability benefits and can include retirement benefits and civil service disability benefits. These additional disability benefits can cause your SSDI benefit amount to be reduced.

SSDI and public disability benefits is an extremely complicated issue, as there are many variables and circumstances that impact every situation. Our Georgia Disability Lawyers can explain the differences, as well as help you choose the best option for disability benefits that meets your needs.

Veterans Disability Benefits

Although they are considered to be a type of public disability benefits, VA disability benefits do not count against your Social Security Disability benefit calculations. If you qualify for both programs, you will receive the full benefits of each to which you are entitled.

Veterans Can Be Fast-Tracked

Moreover, if you already receive veteran’s disability benefits with a 100% P&T rating, the Social Security Administration will expedite your application for SSDI benefits.

Plus, other disabled veterans may qualify for expedited SSDI application processing through the SSA’s Wounded Warrior Program, regardless of your P&T rating. This program prioritizes claims for veterans who became disabled on active duty on or after October 1, 2001.

Georgia Disability Lawyer Sam Earley is pleased to help disabled veterans from our military services receive the full slate of benefits to which they are entitled. Contact our office today for more information about expedited claim filing for SSDI if you are a disabled veteran.

Stop Worrying About a Reduction in Benefits

Too many disabled veterans struggle to get by because they fear losing their benefits if they apply for Social Security Disability Insurance and SSI. Veteran service members who become disabled while on active duty serving and protecting our country’s interests deserve every bit of the support our government can provide. Sam Earley can help you throughout the claims application process to help you get the full measure of benefits available.

Experienced Assistance with SSDI and SSI Benefits

Georgia Disability Attorney Sam Earley believes that every disabled person should receive all the available benefits through SSDI and SSI. Unfortunately, the process can be formidable and complicated, as the SSA is likely one of the foremost governmental bureaucracies. As a seasoned SSDI attorney, Sam regularly helps disabled persons navigate through the claims and appeals process with an unparalleled understanding of the regulations of the Social Security Administration. Due to the many variables involved in calculating and receiving disability benefits, every person’s case is unique. Sam and his team provide tailored and personal service to help you receive the benefits you deserve.

Get Help with Social Security  Disability Benefits

Receiving Social Security Disability benefits while receiving veterans disability benefits is not only possible – the SSA actually makes it easier for veterans to receive Social Security Disability benefits. A disabled veteran that qualifies for VA disability benefits can see their SSDI claim effectively go to the head of the line. Our Disability Attorneys can help you receive the largest amount of benefits possible from both of these government disability programs. Contact experienced Georgia Disability Lawyer Sam Earley today for seasoned and practical assistance with your SSDI and VA disability benefits.

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