Georgia Social Security Disability Appeal Attorneys

What If My Social Security Disability Claim is Denied?

Applicants for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) should be aware of the challenges that exist throughout the process. The cold fact is that most Social Security Disability Insurance claims are denied. Social Security Disability Attorney Samuel E. Earley has many years of experience helping people just like you throughout their Social Security Disability benefits claims. If or when you are issued a denial, our office would file an appeal on your behalf.

Why Should You Appeal a Social Security Disability Denial?

Just because your application for Social Security Disability benefits was rejected does not mean you are not qualified. Government bureaucracies do not operate efficiently and many legitimate claims are denied by the SSA. Some common reasons for a denial include:

  • Lack of medical evidence
  • Prior denials
  • Too much earnings
  • Failure to follow treatment advice
  • Failure to cooperate

Most of these reasons stem from a lack of adequate preparation or a failure to make necessary changes to the initial application. Working with our experienced Disability Lawyers can prevent many of these common mistakes and increase your chances of a successful application or appeal that results in the benefits you deserve.

What to Expect in an Social Security Disability Appeal Hearing

Your Social Security Disability Appeal Hearing is conducted before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). You and your Social Security Disability attorney are expected to attend unless you are medically unable to do so. Many of these hearings are conducted by phone or a video teleconference, which increases the chance that you can attend even with a serious medical disability. There may also be medical or vocational witnesses to bear testimony to your disability and any factors about your employability.

These hearings typically last around 30 minutes, especially when Sam Earley is your disability attorney. He has a reputation for doing his homework and having the facts of your case thoroughly cataloged and readily accessible for the judge. This includes providing guidance through any medical or vocational documentation that is necessary. We will also help you prepare for any testimony you are expected to share.

Other Levels of Social Security Disability Appeal

If your initial claim and subsequent appeal hearing before the Administrative Law Judge are denied, there are other levels of appeal.

  • You may request an Appeals Council Review of any decision or dismissal of your case by the Administrative Law Judge.
  • If the Appeals Council chooses not to review your case or delivers another rejection, you may file a civil suit in Federal District Court.

Our Georgia Social Security Disability Lawyers Can Help You File Claims and Appeals

Due to the complexity of the application process, first-time applications for Social Security Disability may often be denied. Our experienced Social Security Disability Lawyers can help guide you through the appeals process to demonstrate that you satisfy the necessary requirements. This often means gathering additional medical records or testimonies regarding your disability. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation today.

Sam Earley, Experienced Disability Appeal Attorney

Social Security Disability Attorney Sam Earley can help you pursue your claim vigorously throughout the various levels of appeal. After working hard for many years and suffering a disabling injury or condition, you deserve every bit of support to which you are entitled as a United States citizen. We will work hard to help you make a successful Social Security Disability claim. Call today for your free consultation.

Our Georgia Social Security Disability Appeal Lawyers Are Ready To Help

If you believe you have a legitimate disability claim or your initial claim has been denied, call Georgia Disability Attorney Sam Earley at 770-881-7171 or complete our contact form for a free consultation. We provide personal service to all our clients and genuinely enjoy serving the needs of people.