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See How Our Georgia Disability Lawyers Will File Your Social Security Disability Claim for You

If you need help with your Social Security Disability claim, then let the Law Offices of Sam Earley make the entire process as stress-free as possible while maximizing your chances of success.

One way we accomplish this with our step-by-step process. See how each step is designed to simplify and expedite matters for you, helping you get the Social Security Disability Benefits you deserve.

Our Step-By-Step Process that Gets You Results


Step 1: Free Consultation With Our Social Security Disability Lawyers

If you have a medical condition that’s preventing you from working, the first thing you need to do is reach out to the law offices of Sam Earley to set up a free consultation. You can do this by calling 770-881-7171 or contacting us online.

At our free consultation, our legal professionals will personally get to know you, your background, the unique details and factors surrounding your Social Security Disability case, and answer any questions you may have.


Step 2: We’ll File Your Social Security Disability Benefits Claim

Our free consultation will help us qualify your case. From there, we can get started on your claim. To help make things as easy as possible for you, we can even fill out all the forms for you.

To provide the best results for you, we’ll need to ask you questions about these topics:

  • Work history
  • Medical history
  • Disability reports


Step 3: Establishing Care

Your medical history will play a major part in getting your application approved. That means we will first need to establish a medical history. To do so, our offices will help you with any consultative examinations needed by the Social Security Administration.

To make things as easy as possible for you, we’ll also assist you in scheduling and attending any exams or treatments by your doctors or with charitable health clinics if they are available in your area.


Step 4: Preparing for Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Our years of experience have proven we maximize chances of winning your case when we are fully prepared for any situation we may face at your hearing. So when it comes time for your Social Security Disability hearing, we will personally prepare you to further increase your chances of approval.

A key aspect of these hearings is answering specific types of questions that are often asked by the judge. That’s why Social Security Disability Attorney Sam Earley will make sure you’re prepared to answer even the toughest questions.

Meanwhile, the legal professionals at our offices will also ensure all of your files and documentation are present and fully prepared. We perform a brief on every single case to accurately summarize both the theory of the case and your medical condition.


Step 5: Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Because we provide guidance and support throughout the entire process, we make sure you have everything you need at your disability hearing, which takes place in front of an administrative law judge. At this important moment, we’ll be right there with you to represent you.

To increase your chances of being approved, we also make sure your medical history, work history, and disability reports are well organized in a secure, cloud-based file online. This lets us easily locate the exact piece of information for the judge to decide your case and helps us ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve.


Step 6: Getting Paid Your Social Security Disability Benefits

If the judge decides in your favor, then you’ll get paid directly by the Social Security Administration. You never need to worry about paying us—we won’t touch your money. If we win your case, the SSA will pay the Law Offices of Sam Earley directly.

Social Security Disability Lawyers Who Put You First

We understand how suffering from a disability makes every aspect of life more difficult. That’s why our law office goes above and beyond to help you during the entire application process.

Every legal professional at our law offices makes personal service a top priority, putting our client’s needs first and making sure they know we care. That means that you’ll get help every step of the way from our Social Security Disability lawyer, no matter who you are or what you’re facing.

Social Security Disability Attorneys Who Are Ready for Anything You Face

Thanks to years of successfully representing clients like you, our Social Security Disability attorneys have the knowledge and legal insights needed to handle any situation that may arise with your case.

Having proven, experienced legal representation handling your case means you can rest easy, knowing that you have the right attorneys on your side to optimize your chances of having your application approved.

Contact Our Georgia Social Security Disability Lawyers

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