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What Are the Key Factors in a Successful Social Security Disability Claim?

When you file a claim to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits after becoming disabled, there are several factors that are vital. Sam Earley is an experienced Georgia disability lawyer who knows what it takes to help you make a Social Security Disability claim with the best chance for success.

Your Work History and Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a benefit provided through the Social Security Program. You may be familiar with this because, since your first day of work in the public domain, you have paid a percentage of your income into Social Security. In 2021, that number is 6.2% (unless you are self-employed, then you pay 12.4%).

Your work and contributions into Social Security earn you Social Security “credits.” For 2021, you earn one credit for each $1,470 in earnings — up to a maximum of four credits per year. In order to qualify for SSDI if you become disabled, you will need at least 40 credits or 10 years of work.

Higher earnings throughout your working career can result in higher benefits. However, if you did not work some years, or earned less (and therefore paid less into the program), your benefit amount may be reduced. When you became disabled and ceased to work can also affect how and if you qualify for benefits.

Medical Documentation and Social Security Disability Insurance

Another significant part of qualifying for SSDI benefits is your actual disablement. The Social Security Administration has published an approved list of disabling conditions that qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. There are also numerous other factors that impact your disablement. A partial disability that still allows you to work is usually a disqualification for SSDI.

Your disabling condition and what led up to it must be well documented with medical records by qualified physicians. These records of injury, diagnosis, treatment, tests, scans, therapy, rehabilitation, and prognosis for the future are all vital aspects of your SSDI claim.

Our Georgia disability lawyers know what records are necessary and what specific factors will lend greater credibility to your claim.

We Are Meticulous in Our Preparation of Your Disability Case

Disability Attorney Sam Earley has the enviable reputation of being a stickler for detail. No stone is left unturned and no aspect of your Social Security Disability claim is left to chance. Our team knows how to document and catalog a claim and the supporting evidence to make your claim hearing faster, simpler, and easier for the judge or committee to review and understand.

When we say we will do something or provide something, you and the SSA judge can count on it. We are known for our meticulous preparation and attention to detail in every client’s case. We enjoy helping people just like you get the assistance they deserve when they become disabled and are unable to work.

Sam Earley, Experienced Disability Lawyer

Disability attorney Sam Earley knows what it takes to build and present a successful Social Security Disability Insurance claim. We have the experience to know what the SSA requires, what is essential, what is trivial, and what matters the most. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience that we can put at your disposal when you need to file a disability claim.

And, there is no concern about cost. Why? We receive no payment until you are granted disability benefits. Call today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about filing a claim for social security disability benefits.

Our Georgia Disability Lawyers Can Help File Your Claim

If you are disabled and have a history of work, you could qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Call Georgia Disability Attorney Sam Earley at 770-881-7171 or complete our online contact form and request help with filing your Social Security Disability claim.